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Silkscreen Tubular Lanyard

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Tubular lanyard is easily some of the best type of lanyards you can possibly get. Tubular Lanyards are made of from tube-stitched polyester material – similar to a shoelace. As promotional material tubular lanyards can really deliver the goods as they are easy to imprint with any corporate brand to guarantee an eyes catching impression. If it is an inexpensive but effective promotional giveaway you are looking for then, you cannot go pass the excellent tubular lanyards.

Silkscreen printing on the tubular lanyard

Length: Standard 36" (90cm) - Custom length available upon request

Width: 3/8"(1cm), or 1/2"(1.27cm), or 5/8"(1.58cm),  - Custom width available upon request

Set up: $81.25 (v)

Standard price include free shipping within 48 states. One color, one side imprint and one standard attachment.

Production time 8 working days

Material: Polyester

Color: Custom Color